Always Fresh!
All Natural Multigrain Pop Cakes

NEW 6 Different Tastes made with Cassava & Potato in Special Ingredient !

All Natural Multigrain Pop cakes

4 different flavors' (Original, Cheddar Cheese, BBQ, Chocolate) made from all natural ingredients
Be healthy and happy! Enjoy our recipes with 'COCO LITE & 'POPBITEZ'!


We produce Multigrain Pop cakes and popping machines that make them.

Our goal is to provide highest quality machines to produce healthiest snack foods to contribute to a better eating lifestyle. The result is that our products- multigrain pop cakes will provide a better eating. Our machines that bake these fresh cakes across the nation-have the power to do so.

Our company strives to build positive and healthy relationship with our valuable customers. And that’s what making “better eating” is all about.

News & Events

We need to make an announcement today:

Due to the increase on the cost of the materials used to make our products; we had to make some changes on the shipping options when ordering our products.

The Bad News! Is that starting March 5th, 2015, a $7.00 shipping fee will apply to all orders $35.00 or less.

The GOOD News! is that there is the price of the Coco Lite 6 units and the POPBitez 8 units will decrease. Also, free shipping will remain on orders $36.00 and over.

Our New Product Prices are as Follows;

Product Current Price New Price
COCO LITE 6 Units $20.00 $18.00
POPBITEZ $32.00 $28.00

We truly regret the changes and would love to hear your opinion because we care about our customers first!- This will help us understand our customers to better serve them.

Since I have a blood sugar disorder, it was great to find a product with few carbs that could be used as a bread or pizza. My favorite is melted cheese, salsa and a bit of sausage. For my birthday, my husband ordered me the variety packs so perhaps I will find some new ways to enjoy them !